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xPlaces Plugin

xPlaces is an X-Plane plugin (add-on) that enriches the 3D worldwide scenery with "pins" showing the position of populated areas (cities, towns, villages...), natural places like mountains, hills & lakes, and aeronautical objects: airports, VORs & NDBs, navfixes.


Main plugin's features:

  • The drawing of places can be easily filtered by their category and type
  • Different places types are shown in different colors
  • Customizable pins size and visibility radius from camera/aircraft
  • The density of shown populated areas can be easily customized through the setting of the desired population threshold
  • Fast toggling of the plugin control console using a key combination of choice
  • Extensibility: third-party sets of places (libraries) are supported and easily installable.


Current limitations:

  • MS Windows only
  • X-Plane 64bit 10.30 or newer (XPlane 11 fully supported)
  • VR is not supported
  • no Vulkan graphics API support: OpenGL mode only will work
  • for eBag users: eBag must be updated to version 2.1 or newer in order for xPlaces to be loaded properly (simply download the latest version)

All the geographical data was provided by (populated areas and natural objects) and - for aeronautical objects - by X-Plane's internal navigation database itself. Places data is stored in the form of json (structured text) files, called "xPlaces libraries", inside the plugin's folder. xPlaces comes with a consistent, complete, worldwide coverage, which can be easily extended by simply creating (or downloading) further libraries into the proper folder.

For more information, refer to the plugin's user guide.


>>> Download xPlaces <<<