eBag Plugin

eBag is a lightweight PDF, image viewer and sharing system embedded within the X-Plane flight simulator. It was designed to view and browse your own charts, manuals, checklists, and other documents inside the simulator, sharing them among other users, all while flying! 

Unlike similar plugins, eBag runs completely embedded in the simulator window. This characteristic makes it particularly handy for those users who prefer to fly using a single monitor, because it allows to view and browse any document in the file system without any need to pause the simulation or print anything to paper in advance.


eBag's main features are the following:

- wide file formats support: PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, XBM, XPM;
- immediate eBag window toggling by configuring an X-Plane hot-key of choice;
- multitab support (possibility to open multiple files at the same time);
- document basic transformations like zooming, dragging, rotation;
- resizable window and fullscreen mode;
- page browsing (for multipaged pdf files)
- a very light, framerate friendly, usable interface

and, since version 2:

- complete, original, FAA Terminal Charts Library available (updated every month)
- Web Libraries feature: create and share your catalogs of charts, manuals, or other files, downloaded directly from the Internet while you're flying!
- files packing support in a single file for later fast flight setup
- night mode (colors invertion to fly confortable during simulated night)
- multipaged PDF scrolling made easy by Ctrl+MouseWheel input
- many customizations made possible: PDF quality, default charts folder, keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) and more
- bug fixes and performance enhancements.


At this time, eBag is provided for free for Windows only versions of X-Plane 9/10/11 (32 or 64 bits).

X-Plane 12 note:
eBag has been reported not to work properly in XP12.
As between XP10 and XP11, the leap to 12 brings many compatibility issues in existent plugins, as I can read.
In XP11, many of these were solved by Laminar itself in versions following the early access. 
Unfortunately, I'm unable to run XP12 on my PC due to hardware limitations - well, that's another (too) big leap between 11 and 12 in my opinion - so... sorry guys: I'm not able to investigate much on this at this time.


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Thank you for your support!