eBag Web Libraries


An eBag Weblibrary is an organized, up-to-date catalogue of web resources (links) that eBag is able to download from the Internet and open in a single click.

eBag 2.0 comes with the full FAA USA Terminal Charts Library already installed, but you can easily install as many libraries as you wish.



This feature is very useful, for example, in online multiplayer events (ex, IVAO network): the event manager shell make available the whole set of charts needed in the area of the event, so that you will finally get rid of the need to search for all the charts in advance.

A single library is "understood" by eBag as a single file in json format, saved inside its /eBag/weblib/ subfolder. A new library can be set up even while X-Plane is running. All you need is to store the file and push the refresh icon inside the eBag file selector.

You can use weblibraries created from others (ex. downloaded from the Internet) and/or build your own libraries.