FAQ - eBag



Is eBag really free of charge ?
Yes. At the time it really is. This project is supported only by enthusiasts and by the few ads in this website. If you find this tool useful, please donate. Thank you.

Is eBag open source?
No, eBag is a free software, but closed source. That means that the source code is not made available to the public.

Can eBag be used for professional purposes ? 
Yes: eBag is free even for professional use (ex. flight schools, live demos, ...). In this case, a proper attribution to http://xplane-plugins.net must be shown. A donation would be appreciated as well.

Can I show eBag in action in a public X-Plane video?
Of course, you can, for free. A proper attribution to http://xplane-plugins.net will be appreciated.

Will eBag be ported to Mac/Linux versions?
Unfortunately the porting is not scheduled at this time. Sorry about that.

How can I help this project ?
By donations, sharing this website, reviewing the plugin, talking about it to your passionate friends, etc...



eBag is not starting. Log.txt says "Error 127". What can I do?
First of all be sure you installed the eBag directory properly in your /Resources/plugins folder. All downloaded files must be there. No exception. The hierarchy must also be the same as provided with the eBag downloaded zip archive. Checked all of what above, the 127 error is often shown when some other plugin's DLL files are in a version not compatible with the eBag ones (with the same name). Try removing one by one your plugins (temporarily, by moving them into a different folder) to see which plugin causes the conflict. A known incompatibility is Litte XP Connect.

I can't open any PDF file. No problem with images.
Check the following:
   - the eBag folder was not renamed (it MUST be /Resources/plugins/eBag/)
   - try to remove any special caracter in the name or path of the PDF file
   - the eBag/xpdf/ folder is there, and its content is not (wrongly) blocked by your antivirus.

How can I open an encrypted PDF file?
At this time eBag does not support PDF decryption. Consider creating an unencrypted copy of that PDF or converting it to image by using a PDF tool of choice.

How can I scroll up/down a multipaged PDF file?
Since version 2.0, by using the Ctrl+MouseWheel combination.

How can I resize the main eBag window?
By clicking and dragging the "hand" icon on the lower-right corner of the window.

The X-Plane plugins admin popup does not appear when the eBag window is open. Why?
Try to look below the eBag window...

Can I modify the shown image position, relative to the eBag main window?
Yes. Simply click on the image and drag it into the position that best fits your needs: don't expect the usual "hand-mouse-pointer" to appear... it won't :)

Is it possible to customize the default (Ctrl + Z) key-combination to toggle the plugin window?
Sure! Access the X-Plane "Plugins > Plugin Admin > HotKey Admin" menu and set your preferred key-combination. This setting will be persisted on disk, so it won't be lost after the simulator shutdown.

Why can't I download any of the WebLibrary files ?
When you click on a WebLibrary item, that content is immediately downloaded from the Internet and opened. So make sure:
   - the URL specified in the library json descriptor is fine (test it using your internet browser);
   - your internet connection is working properly;
   - your PC is NOT behind a firewall or proxy server.
If the library contains date sensitive URLs (as the embedded FAA library), your PC time must be set properly as well.



How can i contact the author?
Please visit the Contact page of this website. You will be welcome.

I'd like to suggest some useful new functionalities I wish to be added. Will I be welcome?
Of course, yes!

How can I support this project ?
Donating is the most direct way to support this project.
Anyway, money is not everything: sharing this website everywhere you can, or support eBag social network's pages will contribute as well.